Community. Education. Environmental Stewardship. Humanitarian Aid.



Environmental Stewardship 

To serve the Earth is to serve one’s self. Giving within this area focuses on the enviornment around us and teaching others the fundamnetal lesson of “leave the Earth better than you found it.” 

Featured Projects

Parish Proud

Start-up capital for a quality of place 501(c)3.

Ducks Unlimited

General operating support to continue implementing environmental conversation programming

Because of The Stuller Family Foundation, Parish Proud is able to work towards a cleaner Lafayette Parish. They share the same love for our culture as we do and want to see Lafayette’s landscape look the best that it can. Without the generosity of The Stuller Family Foundation Parish Proud couldn’t hope to impact as many people as we do, we’ll be forever grateful!”

Brianne Hendricks, Director

Parish Proud

Humanitarian Aid

Food. Water. Shelter. These are the foundations of life. When tragedy strikes our area the Stuller Family Foundation hopes that by compassionate giving we can ensure that even one more person has access to those fundamental needs.  

Featured Projects

Faith House

Multi-year general operating support for abused women & children

The Refinery

Renovations to cafeteria for men’s shelter

“Faith House has always been an organization that is strongly supported by our community. Our partnership with the Stuller Family Foundation has been extremely beneficial as we pursue our mission to save the lives of victims of domestic violence. Without the support of the foundation we would not have been able to open the doors of our transitional housing facility and help families to put their lives back together. Together we are making a difference for victims of violence and as we look to the future I see great success and achievement in our work.”

Billi Lacombe, Executive Director
Faith House, Inc.

Community Development

Acadiana is rich in culture, history and diversity. Our unique community provides numerous opportunities to change the lives of those around us. We are proud to support organizations that help make Acadiana a happier and healthier place. 

Featured Projects

Destiny of Faith Church

Matching grant supporting capital campaign for new facility

CYT Lafayette

General-purpose program funds

“Our retreat serves as a place where groups arrive, as our Lord encountered them in their woundedness, and seek to heal and reconnect with our core Christian values.

As a result of The Stuller Family Foundation’s generosity, we were able to expand the number of souls reached by almost 1,000 who came through the humble doors of Our Lady of the Bayous. We were able to connect with more local groups to expand our reach and share our Christian message of faith and love. These groups include St. Thomas More, Our Lady of Wisdom, Red Bird Ministries, ACTS retreat, and Rachel’s Vineyard.

In addition to these direct local effects, the foundation’s support allowed for our missionaries to continue serving in the poorest of the poor in 12 different countries as we bring them to an encounter with Jesus.”

Joseph Summers, Director
Faith Missions Company


Education is a key that opens many doors to a child’s future. By empowering our education system, we give our youth a boost towards the betterment of our community, hoping that one they they too will give back. 

Featured Projects

Ascension Episcopal School

Upper school campus buildings

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana

Support of mentor education program

 “The Evangeline Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is blessed to count the Stuller Family Foundation as one of its greatest champions. The foundation has been a steadfast and engaged supporter of character education, leadership training and healthy development of young people in Acadiana. Though we are grateful for the financial support, it pales in comparison to the real benefit of our partnership with the foundation and its Director…..networking, training and encouragement.”

Art Hawins, Executive Director
Evangeline Council Boy Scouts of America