"The work of the Stuller Family Foundation has enhanced the mission of Stuller Place - Children's Advocacy Center and Sexual Abuse Response Center through the years. The incorporation of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner's Program in 2006 gave the agency another opportunity to turn to The Stuller Family Foundation for advice, assistance and guidance. Stuller Place - CAC, SARC & SANE are grateful for the Foundation's donation made to the building renovations in 2007; the foundation providing the agency with opportunities for training and collaboration with other non-profits, and for informing our non-profit of other possible funding sources. The addition of Scott Brazda to the Stuller Family Foundation staff has been significantly positive in my opinion. Scott's familiarity throughout the business community, and now his presence in the non-profit community, has connected the two naturally. The task of fundraising and generating donations in the last couple of years has become ever increasingly difficult as all non-profits throughout Louisiana are well aware of. Stuller Place is blessed to have such a source of expertise and knowledge in the Foundation in our own community."
                                                                              Faith Moody, Executive Director
                                                                              Stuller Place

"St. Genevieve School Middle Campus Principal Julie Z. Champagne, Elementary Campus Principal Becky Trouille and Development Dirctor Kathy Rosenberg had the pleasure of hearing Scott Brazda speak on behalf of the Stuller Family Foundation at a Planned Giving Council of Acadiana Meeting. At that time, the grant application process was outlined, and of course, duly noted by the members of our staff. Even more impressive to us though, was the promise that the foundation would almost “mentor” its applicants. It was promised that even grants that were unaccepted would be critiqued; suggestions would be offered for improvement; and amazingly, the grants could then be offered for re-consideration. The foundation also would try to “steer” the applicants to other foundations that could potentially be of assistance. We found all of this to be true!
In February, St. Genevieve School submitted a matching grant for $25,000 to the Stuller Family Foundation to assist with the construction of a locker room. Initially, the grant was declined. We were encouraged to keep trying with other projects. It was heartening to know that the door was still open. Later, we received a phone call that the grant was being re-considered and finally, was accepted.
The year 2007 was a much greater success than it would have been without the assistance of the Stuller Family Foundation. This gift of course, put St. Genevieve School giant steps ahead in their $225,000 construction project. We have just this month broken ground on the locker room that will help us better serve our young students. Because of the generosity of the Stuller Family Foundation, St. Genevieve School has a more complete facility in which to fulfill the school’s mission.
St. Genevieve School has also benefited equally as much if not more, from the “mentor” component of the relationship with the Stuller Family Foundation. As a result of our meetings with the Foundation, we are better educated on the “how to’s” of grant writing. We have also been given great suggestions on other avenues in which to pursue grants. We have even been offered educational opportunities for improving our technology skills. In short, St. Genevieve School is better equipped today to build a viable future thanks to the mentoring relationship we have with the Stuller Family Foundation."
                                                                      Kathy Rosenberg, former Development Director
                                                                      St. Genevieve School, Lafayette, La.

"The mission of Miles Perret Cancer Services (the Center) has been strengthened by a history of service and support from the Stuller Family Foundation. The Foundation stood with the Center for its opening in 2002 by providing start up equipment and technology. This partnership continues today as the Center receives financial support of its mission of serving families in Acadiana fighting and surviving cancer. The Stuller Family Foundation’s philanthropic leadership is likewise reflected in its delivery of relevant news and information. The executive director, Scott Brazda, is an accessible mentor who maintains personal communication in his endeavors to meld the Foundation with the needs of service organizations and the community at large. The Stuller Family Foundation’s investment in the mission of Miles Perret Cancer Services promises a productive future for the Center, rooted in the successful collaborations of the past."
                                                                         Kate Brady, former Advancement Director
                                                                         Miles Perret Cancer Center

"The Stuller Family Foundation has become a truly valued partner in our efforts to eliminate violence in all its forms in our community. The foundation offers our organization an outlet for information that has helped to increase the value of our services to survivors of domestic violence. The Executive Director of the foundation keeps in constant contact providing updates on trainings, networking opportunities and technological assistance for our program. In 2007, the Stuller Family Foundation made a tremendous philanthropic commitment to survivors of domestic violence by providing funding for the completion of Faith House II transitional housing facility. This facility will provide a safe, violence-free home to women and children for an extended period of time while they are working to obtain permanent housing.
Faith House has always been an organization that is strongly supported by our community. Our partnership with the Stuller Family Foundation has been extremely beneficial as we pursue our mission to save the lives of victims of domestic violence. Without the support of the foundation we would not have been able to open the doors of our transitional housing facility and help families to put their lives back together. Working with the foundation has been an absolute pleasure, Mr. Brazda is a wonderful representative to our community and a great friend to nonprofit organizations such as ours. Together we are making a difference for victims of violence and as we look to the future I see great success and achievement in our work."
                                                                                  Billi Lacombe, Executive Director
                                                                                  Faith House, Inc.

"The impact of the Stuller Family Foundation on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana goes so much deeper than the generous funding provided. Certainly, Stuller Family Foundation funding has enabled us to expand both programmatically and with capital improvements to our facilities. But interaction with the Foundation staff has enhanced our learning of effective grant writing, and helped us to think more strategically about long-term vision and infrastructure for our agency. They took the lead in developing a technology course specifically to assist local non-profits, realizing it is an area of critical importance that many in our arena put to the “back burner.” We appreciate the Foundation’s support of non-profits in our community, not only through funding, but in helping agencies become stronger for the future."
                                                                Arlene Armentor-Bonner, former Executive Director
                                                                Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana

"Family Promise of Acadiana would like to thank the Stuller Family Foundation for your continued support. As a small non-profit organization the information provided by the Stuller Family Foundation has been invaluable to the growth and sustainability of the organization.
The opportunity to meet with someone from the foundation has been a great asset to the program. This one on one time allows us to share our program and get instant feedback on our pr and also valuable information about other opportunities within the community. The notifications on seminars and trainings have also been of great help as we are always looking for opportunities to learn so that we can continue to grow and fulfill our mission.
The Stuller Family Foundation has played an integral role in our program both financially and with valuable information. We are truly appreciative of the Stuller Family Foundation are grateful for all that you do."
                                                                           Renee’ Menard, Network Director
                                                                           Family Promise of Acadiana



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