Message From Matt Stuller
Acadiana is our home. It is where my wife Cece and I grew up, where we are raising our very own family, and perhaps, where our children will raise their children.
Itís for that very reason that, in 1994, The Stuller Family Foundation came to be. We want only the best for Acadiana, and we are honored to have partnered with so many of the areaís wonderful nonprofit organizations who, likewise, strive for a better Acadiana.
Only by working together, only by pooling resources, both financial and knowledge--based, can we accomplish this goal. The Stuller Family Foundation is all about fostering relationships, exchanging information and making wise investments in, not just organizations and their projects, but in the people of our area.... some very wonderful people.
Improving our community isnít just about dollars; itís about ideasÖ itís about relationshipsÖ itís about putting aside our respective egos and agendas for the greater good. Itís about caring for others, and helping each of us reach our maximum potential.
God bless.
Matt Stuller



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